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300th Wedding CoupleOur 300th wedding was photographed on Saturday night, December 11, 1999. Chris and Marianne, pictured here in their engagement portrait, were married in a ceremony at the City Center in Salisbury, MD. While they're sunning themselves in beautiful Hawaii we're busy at work preparing the film for processing, printing, and insertion in their wedding album.

The most important thing of note in all of these weddings is this one simple truth. They're all different! If you've yet to be married please make sure you select a professional photographer who is capable of capturing YOUR special day in a professional and unobtrusive fashion; and, not one who is going to make your album a carbon copy of every album he/she has done before.

A digital revolution is sweeping our entire civilization. At Michael Minner PHOTOGRAPHY we're abreast of the latest technology, offering images made with a digital camera to clients that require them for their websites or in house publications. Recently some digital glamour portraits were made for a modeling agency. Take a look at some of the samples that follow.

Congratulations to Minner Photo, of the West Salisbury Little League, on the completion of their undefeated 22-0 season which culminated in the winning of the Salisbury City Championship for 1998!

On April 27, 1998, more than 150 studios around the United States and Canada will sponsor one-day information-rich programs on a variety of photographic and business management topics. Michael Minner, Master Photographer of Michael Minner Photography in Salisbury, plans to participate locally in PPA/Winona Continuing Education System's Super Monday.

Michael Minner will teach his fellow image-makers specifics regarding the implementation of dynamic compositional design elements in the successful preparation of images for both clients and competition. This six-hour program, "Compose, Compete, and Complain!", will be held in Salisbury, MD at Minner's studio located at 939 Mount Hermon Road. The registration fee is $99. PPA members receive one educational merit towards one of PPA's degrees in photography.

A member of PPA since 1981, Michael Minner is donating his services for the fund raiser. PPA LogoProceeds from the event will be used to support educational programs for members of Professional Photographers of America, Inc. and others in the photographic profession. Minner, who holds degrees in mathematics and education as well as the coveted Master of Photography degree, is a nationally recognized authority on composition theory. His program will demonstrate how viewing the world in which we live, in general, and viewing our subject, in particular, with a critical eye can lead to the creation of more compositionally sound images for clients. "The Rule of Thirds is a universally accepted code for artists, but few professionals have a sound basis for its understanding," says Minner. "The rule itself is actually inherent in nature. The same beauty that humans find in their universe can be applied to his/her creative endeavors."

Winona provides an international center for continuing education to professional imagemakers to improve their skills, overall knowledge and motivation. Experienced "hands-on" courses covering specialized photographic subjects and techniques are offered to professionals on an ongoing basis.

PPA, the world's oldest and largest association for professional photographers, has helped imagemakers worldwide grow professionally through its educational services since 1922.

For more information about Super Monday, or other photographic educational seminars call Winona International School of Professional Photography at (800) 742-7468 Ext. 266 or (404) 522-3030 Ext. 266.

After just 7 months our website has already received 1000 hits. 1000 HitsIt has given Michael Minner PHOTOGRAPHY the opportunity to receive some national exposure for his professional offerings as well as providing numerous opportunities for interested consumers to educate themselves about professional portraiture from the privacy of their own homes. If you have comments or suggestions on how this site might be improved to better suit your needs please contact us at your convenience.

January is normally a pretty slow time in the portrait business. Cold dark days and holiday bills to pay generally don't put folks in the proper frame of mind to have portraits made. Master photographer, Michael Minner, is busy professionally however. Michael MinnerOn January 11, 1998 he served as a print judge at the annual convention of the Professional Photographers of Delaware, and later that week travelled to the Pacific Northwest to serve as a consultant at a prominent downtown Seattle, WA studio. During his week there Minner provided his expertise in the areas of customer consultation, portrait preparation, sales with slide previews, the usage of computers in the studio, and digital imaging.

Holiday GiftWould you believe that over half of the portraits created annually are given as Christmas presents? It's true, but it probably shouldn't be so surprising! After all, most of us search long and hard for that perfect gift. We want to show people we love just how special they are to us. A professional portrait does just that; taking an indelible moment from our lives and saving it forever! We believe that no gift is more unique, special , or appreciated. If they don't remember what they got for Christmas last year, it wasn't a portrait from Michael Minner PHOTOGRAPHY!

Simply print the following, call the studio to schedule your appointment, and receive $50 in portrait services absolutely FREE!

$50 Gift Certificate

Recent work at Michael Minner PHOTOGRAPHY, shown here, consists of high school senior portraits, family portraits made at the beach, and glamour photography.

Jenna High School SeniorDiggin' the BeachBeach PortraitLittle Black Dress

Small Fry Friday is our unique children's special that gives you great looking portraits of your kids at a great price! Check out these program features:

  • Packages from $89.95
  • Available for kids ages 12 and under, on Fridays, all year long!
  • Available by appointment only, so you won't stand in line like a herd of cattle!
  • You pay no sitting fee!
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

We're excited at Michael Minner PHOTOGRAPHYCD to be the first studio in our area to make your portraits and wedding photography available to you on a compact disc. The images are professionally scanned and written to CD in the compressed "jpeg" format, ready to be viewed at your leisure on your personal computer. They make great screensavers and desktop wallpaper and give you a fun way to enjoy your professional images.