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Introduction to Portraiture

Michael MinnerWelcome to the exciting world of professional portrait photography. Michael Minner, M.Photog., has been creating award winning portraiture, both in the studio and on location, since 1981. Whether your interest lies in creating a special family portrait, capturing the innocence of a child, or creating a glamourous studio image for a loved one you'll find that proper preparation is the key in creating a distinctive image.

This site will introduce you to professional portraiture, give you some background on our studio services, and offer some useful tips about planning and creating portraits that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

The best portraits of people are the ones that show more than just what the subject LOOKS like. They show what the subject IS like!Family Portrait A portrait consultation with the client relative to portrait styles, clothing selection, color coordination, props and locations can help Michael Minner create portraits that do just that! After all, you and your family are special and unique. You're not like the people next door, and your portraits should reflect that. So, think about having portraits made where you live, work, and play; the beach, a park, the farm, or at home.

LittleBoyBlue When a Master Photographer like Michael Minner utilizes his talents for posing, lighting, and composition your family is provided with a photographic work of art that adds quality to your life and serves as a timeless expression of what it means to be together with the people you love.

Consider the portrait possibilities for you and your family. Call a professional photographer today for your no cost consultation. To find a qualified professional in your area contact the Professional Photographers of America, Inc.