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Is The Bathmate The Future Of Male Enhancement?

For many men, concerns about penis size weigh heavily on the mind. While it is true there is always going to be a chorus of those who say “size doesn’t matter”, the truth is size does matter for those who are less than happy with their natural endowment. Contrary to what some might believe, the truth is you can increase the length and girth of your penis. As long as you have access to a decent male enhancement device, increases in size are possible.

The arrival of the Bathmate heralds a new front in the world of male enhancement. Without a doubt, the Bathmate pump is one of the more innovative and original penis enlargement devices ever thought of. For pure ease of use, this is one enlargement aid that is difficult to top. Penis enlargement devices have been around for some time. The longevity of the Jes extender is proof of this.



The Jes extender was the first penis traction device ever invented and it spawned scores of imitators. The way the extender works is it stretches the penis away from the body and holds it in that position for short periods of time. The penis does have to be removed from the device after short wearing sessions in order to allow blood to flow. Originally, the extender was designed to straighten out curved penises. It can do that and something else. Extenders make the penis longer and a bit thicker.

Not everyone likes to rely solely on an extender. There are concerns about comfort and blood flow to the penis. The Bathmate provides a reliable alternative to those who want something new and different. The Bathmate works in a manner similar to the Jes extender, but is a much more comfortable and easier to use. The pump is a relatively new male enhancement product as it only debuted about five years ago. The release of the device is definitely welcome as many men have raved about its effectiveness.

The device is a variant on another “old school” penis enlargement device, the penis pump. Traditional penis air pumps are not all that effective and never reached the level of popularity of extenders. With the Bathmate, a tremendous and innovative improvement has been made. The pump creates a suction effect on the penis through the use of water. As with an extender, the penis is pulled and stretched so it becomes larger. The tension of the penis eventually leads to cellular division which, in turn, leads to a bigger organ. There is another added benefit to using this pump, erection become much harder and firmer. Anyone who is dealing with problems related to erectile dysfunction will find this news to be well worth hearing. Why deal with capsules and prescriptions to treat weak erections when an alternative exists?

As with all male enhancement devices, consistency is the key to success with the Bathmate. Using it for a few days, not using it for few weeks, then starting up again is hardly the strategy capable of yielding results. Use the device as suggested for the long term. This is how results are achieved.